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Sunshine |Sledding With Tigers.

You are my sunshine. Oh, fuck this sunshine. I hope it rains all day long and we can stay inside, all day and night playing Pogs, making puzzles, and making out.


"Maybe we can’t, but maybe we could make somebody believe that we had. It wouldn’t be any different to any con I’ve ran before."


"How would that work then?"


"They did, but not from flying. Probably from the plague or old age, I don’t know, I’m not a historian."


"Me neither. Imagine we could build something like that."


"But is it something we really need to do?" Wendy asked carefully, looking at Peter. "I mean, he’s surrounded by people who love him from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep. That isn’t bad, is it….?"


She went quiet before rubbing her hand over her face before threading them back through her hair.

"But that isn’t fair to everyone else here, is it? They didn’t sign up for a baby, we did."

"Exactly, we did and it shouldn’t have to effect them and I know they’d never say anything but they’re young, they wanna go out on a night out and stomp back in here at three am without worrying about waking up a baby."

Peter could understand that desire at times, though when he was sat like this with the pair of them it just melted away. 

"He’ll still be here, he’ll still grow up around the boys but have somewhere a little quieter to sleep. Plus I’m a little selfish and I’d like to have my family to myself sometimes."


"Most would probably still go. I mean, might as well earn the drinks that will come after… There still would be drinks after, right?"

Silver almost choked on her beer, staring at Peter incrediously. He was almost beaming, he wasn’t joking.

"Shit, you’re being serious right now." She paused before laughing, why was she even thinking about it? She loved Alfie, he was ball to hang out with, even if he couldn’t talk yet. "Hell yeah, alright. Let’s see how normal he turns out with me as a godmother."


"You bet there’ll be drinks after, I think most of us would need it after being in a church."

If there was one things the Losties did well, it was a piss up — and this was the perfect opportunity for one. 

"Why wouldn’t I be serious?" 

There was no one he could think of that he’d trust more than Silver with his son in the event of anything happening to him and Wendy. Silver would look after him, make sure he grew up right. There was nothing more he could ask than that. 

Shaking off that grim train of though, his body language returned to ease, her saying she’d like to making it a fact and not an idea. 

"He’ll know how to look after himself, that’s for sure. When Wendy asks do me a favour and try and look surprised."


“Alfie?” He looked up, trying the name out a few times before turning back at the pawing mini-Pendy baby; checking himself if he did indeed answer to that name.

“Sup Alfie Pan.”

Alfie only gurgled and found his nose as the most interesting thing for now.

Nodding, he sat back down on the couch, still like he was treading on glass with a baby in his arms.

“This all he do? Or what you guys do? Make house visits?”

Not that he minded, if he had a say he’d rather they stayed with him.  


"He’d be celebrating his eighth birthday before you finally rocked up to the Loft."

Thinking about his living situation gave me him somewhat of a headache, which is why he didn’t dwell much further on it. Instead, he came to sit beside Jake, holding his hand out so Aflie could grip his index finger. 

He wasn’t sure why, but that always seemed to calm him. 

"Weird, isn’t it? I’m a dad."


"Just don’t jump off a building." She scrunched her nose, taking a sip of her whiskey.  "It would be messy and even though I look good in black I would rather not."


"Why do you steal my joy, Whiskey?"


"There’s a marvelous invention called an airplane."


"Yes, hold on, let me have my personal pilot bring my jet around."


"Let’s follow in the footsteps of the Wright brothers and make a flying machine."


"Did they die? I feel like we’d die."

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